In Japanese, the “ORI” in SAORI means “weaving”.  
The “SA” of SAORI has the same meaning as the Zen word “SAI”.  
It means that everything has its own individual dignity. 
Developed in Japan almost 50 years ago by Misao Jo (pictured here), the SAORI philosophy & techniques: 
Have inspired weavers & artists worldwide for over 40 years 
Provoke excitement for creating uncommon freestyle woven fabrics 
Encourage intuitive, individual creativity 
Bring joy to both those who weave & those who receive the woven gifts. 
SAORI is practiced worldwide by a varied community of over 40,000 weavers, including: 
Qualified SAORI Instructors 
Artisan hand-weavers, textile artists & craftspeople 
Art therapists & wellbeing practitioners 
Textile & fashion designers 
Many people with physical, mental or learning disabilities. 
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