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Warping Frame With Legs

With this new portable warping frame, you can start warping anywhere by setting the frame against a wall. The stand has 5 different height settings, allowing you to choose a comfortable warping position. Includes 5 built-in cone stands. Maximum warp length: 13.5m / 14.7 yards.
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Our new warping frame has 2 legs. The legs have 2 different height settings, allowing you to select a comfortable warping position. Includes rubber attachments to prevent the frame from slipping. Also includes rubber caps on the centre sticks and angled side sticks, to keep the warp threads from falling off. The hooks are placed in the centre position so both left and right-handed people can control the threads easily.
The stand also has a metal brace along the bottom, so that a wheelchair can roll in close to the frame.
N.B.- The legs can be replaced by an optional stand, which lets the warping frame stand alone, without leaning against a wall.

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