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Weave your own unique fabrics and experience the joy of the hand made. 
Develop your own style using Japanese hand-crafted SAORI looms and unique yarns, carefully selected from around the world. 
Now practiced by 
over 40,000 people worldwide 
and growing! 
SAORI looms and techniques have inspired weavers and artists worldwide for over 40 years, provoking excitement by creating unique freestyle woven fabrics; encouraging the innate, intuitive, individual creativity of its practitioners; and bringing joy to both those who weave and those who receive the unique woven gifts. 
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Please see below for details of the workshops and other events we are running in the next few months. 

August 19th, 2.30pm 

August 20th, 10.30am 

August 20th, 2.30pm 

September 8th, 10am  

Introduction to SAORI handweaving with natural yarns. 10am-5pm. 
SAORI weaving demonstration and introduction to natural yarns; hand spun organic khadi cotton and hand spun natural forest silk from Odisha, India. 
A small selection of handwoven garments will be available to purchase. 
For more information, please see our Facebook page... 

September 9th, 10.30am 

September 9th, 2.30pm 

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